Here is the way it is - For more than 100 years the courts in Ohio observed, what was referred to as, the Made-Whole doctrine. The doctrine required that the injured party be made whole from the proceeds of a settlement or judgment, before an insurance company that provided benefits to the injured party would be entitled to receive reimbursement. The Ohio Supreme Court, ignoring the long-standing precedent, decided that the insurance company now comes first. After it gets paid you get paid what's left. If you have the skills, you can make $25 Million Dollars a year playing baseball or basketball. However, if you have incurred serious, catastrophic, life-changing personal injuries that will cause you life-time, unremitting pain and suffering, you are limited to recovering not more than $250 Thousand Dollars, and under very limited circumstances, not more than $350 Thousand Dollars - not per year, but for your life-time. Why do you think that is? Maybe it's because the insurance industry has persuaded the legislature to act in its interest and not yours.


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