litigation management

The best litigation management tactic is to avoid it. Litigation in today's court system is crushingly expensive, and if it can't be avoided, must be carefully managed and if initiated, reserved only for far-ranging and significant matters.

A litigation risks analysis includes looking at asset protection strategies, insurance coverages, and the ownership of assets. Litigation management starts with carefully-drawn business documents that provide for alternative methods of resolving disputes, and by accurate self-serving well documented business communications. When you can't avoid it, litigation that is successful and cost effective requires a written management plan as to how lawyers proceed on your behalf including benchmarks for decisions about the litigation.

I can provide written criteria for decisions about litigation that affect your business.
I can schedule a discussion with you on strategies and documents that will help litigation-proof your business.
I can provide a litigation review which includes 12 items outlining litigation billing requirements for your company.
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