My Experience


These cases represent a cross-section of my litigation practice.

  • Estate & Trust Litigation – My clients’ mother concealed the existence of asset they were to inherit from their grandparents. A suit for abuse of confidence and intentional interference with the expectancy of inheritance against the estate of their mother resulted in a settlement for an amount in excess of $5 Million Dollars.
  • Catastrophic Personal Injuries – My 69 year-old client’s claim for total paralysis when struck by cement truck while turning into his driveway resulted in a settlement for $2.9 Million Dollars.
  • Medical Malpractice – My 48 year old stage-four breast cancer client’s claim after her gynecologist advised that her lump was benign and changed her medical records to his benefit resulted in a structured settlement with a value of $1.2 Million Dollars.
  • General Litigation – IAfter suit for defamation and breach of rights under the university’s policy on research, my scientist client’s research paper was ultimately published and was the subject of an application for a patent. My former scientist client is a world renowned expert on nuclear security.

Business Representation

My litigation experience, provides a unique perspective in representing clients in business and personal transactions and that enables me to counsel my clients on avoiding the transactional missteps that result in litigation.

For the past 40 year I have performed the services set out below for business in the fields of commercial real estate, residential and commercial construction, logistics, manufacturing, information technology, and financial management.

  • Closely Held & Family Owned Business – I have represented closely held businesses in organization, governance, management, regulation compliance, litigation and planning for succession.
  • Asset Protection Planning -Representing businesses and the owners in their personal matters includes asset protection strategies and liability avoidance planning.
  • Succession Planning, Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning – Planning for succession includes business valuation documents, wills, trusts, health care powers of attorney, careful analysis of jointly-owned property, insurance policies and payable on death contracts to carry out my client’s objectives.
  • Litigation & Litigation Management – Litigation risks can be reduced to its minimum with a litigation risk analysis and through well-crafted business documents that provide for alternative methods of resolving disputes, and by documenting accurate communications. When litigation can’t be avoided, it is possible to control litigation through appropriate written litigation benchmarks, strategies and budgets.