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Closely Held & Family Owned Business – In closely held businesses, it is critical to define the role of every employee and to regularly evaluate and record their performance.

Asset Protection Planning – Asset Protection includes use of entities to insulate liability, a review of your insurance coverages, decisions about titling and transfer of assets, use of trusts with spendthrift provisions; and as of March 2013, use of an Ohio Legacy Trust.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning – For every client, a will, a trust, a durable power for health care and a living will are essential base-line estate documents that need to be reviewed annually. A careful analysis of jointly-owned property, insurance policies and beneficiary designation forms and payable on death contracts is essential to see that it all works together to accomplish your objectives.

Litigation & Litigation Management – The best litigation tactic is to avoid it. Litigation in today’s court system is crushingly expensive, and if required, must be carefully managed and reserved only for far-ranging and significant matters of consequence.

Litigation risks can be reduced to its minimum with a litigation risk analysis and through well-crafted business documents that provide for alternative methods of resolving disputes, and by documenting accurate communications.
A written litigation plan, that includes benchmarks for decisions about the litigation, is essential to successful cost effective litigation results.

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